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Not only does this private island feature the most beautiful beach in the world, according to the New York Times, but you will also be charmed by fresh spring water cascading down attractive white-granite rock formations, exotic fruit trees bearing almond, mango, golden apple and breadfruit, banyan trees, a palm-filled jungle, and the purest emerald and turquoise waters surrounding the island.

Frégate is one of only two islands worldwide where the giant tortoise roams wild. They can be sighted all over the island. Children will enjoy the fun of riding on their backs, although at tortoise pace. Other wildlife in the area includes rare birds such as the melodious magpie-robin or shama, which is found nowhere else in the world.

A nearby rock jutting out of the sea is a nesting place for more than 100,000 seabirds, protected by the surrounding coral reef.

The island has 16 villas spread out between the palm trees, just a little above the beaches, plus one Presidential Villa overlooking the marina. All villas were constructed in native style with mahogany wood and African teak in a simple post-and-lintel style, the villas are topped off with dense thatched roofs. Both the architecture and decor draw on Balinese and Thai influences. Each villa was situated to make it feel like a part of the surrounding landscape, and to ensure maximum privacy and seclusion for the guests. Sliding glass walls and French doors that can be opened to the elements help to further blur the line that separates inside from outside. A private terrace provides vast views of the sea and each villa has a jacuzzi and a large infinity swimming pool.


Attractions & Activities

Diving, fishing, sailing, work out in the Rock Gym, swimming in the pools, tennis, lazing on one of the seven beaches or on the comfortable cushioned sunbeds, exploring the island in your kart, or just enjoying a quiet afternoon in the island’s library.

Guided nature walks accompanied by the ecologists can be arranged to encounter Frégate’s spectacular flora and fauna. For the ones seeking for relaxation the island’s Rock Spa is a natural haven of serenity, where only pure, natural products are prepared from over 130 island-grown ingredients.

Children of any age are most welcome. For them Castaway Kids Clubhouse and of course the whole island are waiting to be explored.

Last, but not least, is the Aldabra giant tortoise. These 250-kilogram monsters fulfil the role of elephants by smashing paths through the undergrowth and dispersing seeds. Even Frégate resident naturalists were amazed when the last census counted 2,000 of them.

All of these factors converge to make Frégate Island Private a wonderful experience. Everybody is extremely friendly and service impeccable. Curtis, our personal butler, was discrete but always only a phone call away. It also felt good to stay in a resort that has won awards and is five-star rated for its environmental efforts. On Frégate I felt I was contributing to restoring this little Eden to its natural state, and that is a unique and worthwhile experience.


Despite their traditional appearance and supremely laid-back ambiance, the villas come well-equipped with flatscreen TVs, DVD and CD players. And, of course, if the fresh sea breezes aren’t quite cool enough for you, there’s always air conditioning. A private butler is assigned to each villa to assure personalised and individual services throughout the guest’s stay, providing anything, anytime, anywhere on the island.

The island offers you five-star cuisine and what maybe the finest Creole cooking in the Seychelles, together with the best wines. Meals are served in the Plantation House or in the main restaurant Frégate House, where great emphasis is placed on personal service. If you wish, you can order your breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner on the terrace of your villa, on one of the beaches, in the tree house or in the Plantation – dining around the whole island is always possible and provides unforgettable experiences.


From EUR 1,700 inclusive tax and service charge per person per night (double occupancy), full board (recommended minimum stay 5 nights). Children (depending on age) from EUR 420 to 700 per night, including full board.

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